Lithoprotect® UV-Protection Yellow Foil

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  • GE212001
  • Y520E212
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Product information "Lithoprotect® UV-Protection Yellow Foil"


UV-Protection Yellow Foil

Lithoprotect® Y520E212



The UV-protective film Yellow Foil Y520E212 was specially developed for UV photo-sensitive applications and blocks radiation below 520 nm wavelength. The UV protective film Y520E212 consists of yellow-dyed cellulose triacetate. The Y520E212 UV blocking filter is widely used in the photolithography, the PCB and microelectronics manufacturing, printing plates and photoresist. Even in the pharmaceutical research, development and production our films are in use.



_ Blocks wavelengths below 520 nm
_ Outstanding optical purity
_ High adhesion
_ Long-term UV stable
_ High inherent scratch resistivity
_ Also available as self-adhesive foil



_ Thickness: 117 μm
_ Width: 1080 mm
_ Density: 152,1 g/m²
_ Tensile strength: > 120 MPa
_ Melting range: 235 °C - 270 °C



The Yellow Y520E212 film is waterproof and resistant to oils, greases, fuels and aliphatic hydrocarbons. The Yellow film is dissolved or swollen by chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones, aromatic solvents. This may affect the optical properties. The UV protective film is not resistant to concentrated acids and alkalis. In these compounds, the foil is attacked.



The UV-protective film Yellow Y520E212 is self-extinguishing.



Since the UV-protective yellow foil Y520E212 is made from the natural product of cellulose, it shows a certain water absorption ability that can affect the dimensional accuracy. This water uptake was however reduced to a low level. The Y520E212 has an average water vapor permeability, which allows a rapid drying of the mounting fluid after foil installation.



Under proper storage conditions of 5 - 25 °C and a relative humidity of 30 - 60%, the UV protection film Y520E212



The optical transmission properties of the UV-protection foil Yellow Y520E212 were specially designed for the high quality standards in the field of yellow rooms (photolithography in microelectronics manufacturing). The graph shown below is semi-logarithmic. At 450 nm wavelength, the transmission is approximately 0.0001%, thus dropped to a fraction of one millionth of the incident light. If you compare our foil with other foils, be sure to ask for a semi-logarithmic plot of the transmission since these differences cannot be seen in a linear plot.



The UV-protective foil Y520E212 can be processed comparable to paper. You can use UV stable double-sided adhesive tape stuck to windows, privacy screens, room dividers, lamps and front openings (available from us). We recommend, however, for large windows applications, to use our self-adhesive UV protection film Yellow YSA520E212. To filter fluorescent tubes we offer special polycarbonate tubes, in which our UV blocking filter is incorporated (yellow light).



FURTHER INFORMATION: All data and information relate to the best of our knowledge and are based on measurement and experience. It remains in your responsibility to check the suitability of our yellow foil for the intended use of it. Our products are regularly quality-tested and further developed. We therefore reserve the right to adjust without additional information, the chemical composition or physical characteristics of new knowledge.





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Datasheets Download our safety data sheets and technical data sheets here and get more... more


Download our safety data sheets and technical data sheets here and get more information about our product.

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